Plant 1 - Truccazzano (Milan, Italy)

Principal plant for manufacturing, final assembly and packing.

Plant 1 also houses CCM’s Project Coordination Department, the Design and Engineering Department and the Product Show Room. Newly developed in 2003, on an area of 10.000 m2.

Production Processes

  • Processing, shaping and assembling of natural stone
  • Processing, shaping and assembling of misc. plastic materials
  • Resin transfer moulding for GRP counters, sign encasings and other GRP products
  • Final pre-assembly of counters, cabinets, signs and fittings
  • Packing, stowing, logistics

Annual production capacity

  • Natural stone: 200 tons
  • Miscellaneous plastic materials: 150 tons
  • Counter modules pre-assembly: +/- 5000 pieces
  • Signage: +/- 12000 pieces