Bordeaux Self Bag Drop


CCM’s Hybrid Self-Service Bag Drop is a flexible solution where the design is entirely bespoke and made for purpose. All aspects of the design are unique including the counter, conveyor, automated sensors and software solutions to ensure that the maximum quality, performance and flexibility is delivered to the Airport.


CCM’s White Label Common Use Self-Service Bag Drop application, by adopting IATA Common Use Web Services technology, enables the integration with multiple Airlines as well as providing an unparalleled level of configuration, monitoring and statistics reporting.


The Hybrid Check-in Counter concept developed from CCM allows for the seamless integration of a fully automated Self-Service Bag Drop equipment into a designed for purpose traditional check-in counter and check-in environment.

The Hybrid Counter designed for Bordeaux Airport's Billi terminal is truly unique and quite extraordinary, providing the expected Self Service features as well as provisions for future upgrades. 

When operating in self-service mode, the Hybrid Self-Service Bag Drop guides the Passenger through the process in the simplest and safest way, while automatically validating the Baggage Tag as well as the convey ability of the Bag.

When operating in Agent Assisted Check-in mode, each hybrid check-in counter is used as a traditional check-in position, where the typical existing CUPPS equipment are operated by a Check-in Agent.

The ability to switch effortlessly and seamlessly, in just 1 second, between Self Service and Traditional Check-in operations, via the turn of a key is what provides the unmatched level of flexibility in the check-in infrastructure that both Airports and Airlines are seeking.

Needless to say that the hybrid check-in counter’s design is the result of more than 37 years of experience in the design and manufacture of check-in Counters installed in hundreds of Airports all over the world, offering the high standard and expertise the world-class airport requires.  

Each Hybrid Self-Service Bag Drop is integrated with the Vanderlande Baggage Handling System, providing a solution where each unit is independent from the others.

Bordeaux Airport also introduces CCM's unique, robust and reliable Vision System - A System capable of reading the Baggage Tag automatically in less than one second while the Bag is on the first Conveyor Belt. Further, the Vision System will dimension the Bag and return logical information to the Passenger to correct the Bag Position as well as detecting Oversize Bags.

Bordeaux Airport represents a truly advanced and efficient Self Bag Drop solution.