Check-in Baggage Conveyors

The CCM Group and CCM Technology in partnership with Mechanica is able to offer a substantial range of Baggage Conveyors, Take Away Conveyors and Airport Automation Systems.

  • Double and Triple Check-in Conveyor with weighing, labelling and intake ' fixed and extractable
  • Flat or Tilting Conveyor belts
  • Ultra Low Height - Maximum 150mm from the Finished Floor
  • Automatic Weight Scales
  • Complex Sorting Systems
  • Based on Siemens PLC Technology
  • Low Noise
  • Crescent and overlapping carousels
  • Conveyors at 30°/45°/60° with 5/8 belts
  • Conveyors belts for deviation and vertical sorting
  • Conveyors belts for deviation and horizontal sorting
  • Horizontal sorter Pusher
  • Belt curves
  • Spiral shoot
  • Tilting Cone

The latest innovative Baggage Conveyor provided in Two Stage and Three Stage Versions is fully certified for use with CCM's Self Baggage Drop System with its Low Height Design, Safety Features and Reverse Capabilities. Further this Baggage Conveyor has been trialed and tested with BNP in Singapore Terminal 3 and was selected as the Baggage Conveyor for Singapores brand new Terminal 4.

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CCM's Hybrid Self Bag Drop enters operation at Hamad International Airport