Loose Furniture

The history of Matteograssi began in Mariano Comense, a small town located in a small area called Brianza, situated in Lombardy, a region of northern Italy, where the head of what was to become a dynasty of leather craftsmen opened a workshop in 1880. The sign over the entrance read “Saddlery”. Inside, the Grassi family – Matteo and his wife, and later on, his sons – would carefully craft articles made of coach hide, such as saddles, bridles, reins ad the full harness, which horses need to work and transport. At the time, the Brianza district was mostly a farming area, and the Grassi family business adapted to the needs of an agricultural economy in which the ability of the craftsman, and his skills in coming up with solutions, were the key to success.

In 2016 CCM Srl acquired Matteograssi. The company is now part of the CCM group, the world leader in Airport Interior. In over thirty-five years of activity CCM has made over three hundred airports around the world, working with some of the most important architects and building upon their design of airport interiors to  become the reference point of the market. Recently CCM expanded to include CCM-Technology, with the capacity and ability to integrate and coordinate the modern technology of Special IT Systems within the various aspects of CCM and its projects Matteograssi completes the group portfolio as the last piece of the mosaic. By gaining the experience and skills of  Matteograssi in the furniture sector, CCM is today more and more general contractor, with a range of proposals from interior - design, standard and custom  made furniture, turnkey management of projects across all aspects of public spaces. 

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