Customer Web Portal

CCM Technologies Hybrid Self Bag Drop utilises the latest technology Cloud Services for Monitoring, Statistics and Reporting.

Hybrid Self Service Platform is equipped with a comprehensive, cloud based Multi Airport and Multi Airline management and reporting web portal.

The portal stores and logs statistics and information related to the usage of any unit, every passenger transaction as well as recording Passenger issues such as (i.e. improper bag positioning) and special baggage handling process (i.e. TUB’s requirement). Performance dashboards are available to display any SBD operational status as well as Key Performance Indicators. The simple to use Quick View Transaction page can easily and simply provide an overview of a Passengers baggage drop experience as well as to provide the Airport or Airline with key information including Photos at the start of the process and on dispatch to the BHS. Pictures of any processed bag, e are captured to certify the conditions and “type” of the bag at the originating Airport. Floorwalker agents and maintenance personnel can receive SBD notifications on their mobile devices and can get ownership of them in order to resolve them.

Statistics can be captured for Products including our Hybrid Self Bag Drop as well as our Cabin Baggage Sizer.

Features and benefits
  • Cloud Service or Dedicated Airport based solution
  • User defined access level
  • Detailed log of each passenger transaction for Self Bag Drop and Cabin Baggage Sizer
  • Recording and storage of inducted bags photos (to prevent fraud) for Self Bag Drop
  • Detailed airline reporting and Statistics
  • Monitoring and Management of individual Self Baggage Drop and Cabin Baggage Sizer
  • Mobile application for Support and Maintenance Alerts