Self Service Cabin Baggage Sizers

Multi airline, self powered and transportable cabin baggage sizer

The introduction of CCM’s automatic, multi-airline, mobile and self-powered cabin baggage sizer is the solution to the challenge of managing Passengers who are paying more attention to the opportunities offered from some Airlines with advantageous allowances. Sadly, it is fairly common in any traveler’s experience looking at Airline’s staff walking around the gate area looking for oversized bags and asking people to volunteer to check their carry-on many times. 

CCM’s cabin baggage sizer can automatically check for the Airline’s related travel class cabin baggage policy and verify if the baggage weight and dimension is in compliance. CCM’s baggage sizer is light, self powered and easily transportable inside and outside the terminal, leaving to the Airport Operator or Airline the possibility to locate it where more convenient, at any time.

All Cabin Baggage Sizers are monitored from CCM’s Cloud based Web Portal where statistics and reports can be generated as needed.

Features and benefits
  • Multi airline configurable cabin baggage check (weight and size)
  • Easily moveable and transportable
  • Remote monitoring and Statistics collection
  • Unique design
  • Self powered (solar power charge optional)
  • Cloud based Customer Web Portal
Cabin Baggage Sizer